Close Up of Corn Field

Increase crop yield: narrow seeding and thinning by robot, up to +30% for arable and up to +90% for salads


Improve profitability: optimization of workload, cut up to 3 workers for each 20 Ha and cut inputs +€200/Ha of margins


Grow more sustainability: reduce pesticides by >50% with precision injections at BBCH12 stage

  • We’re helping growers to increase crop yields, improve efficiency and farm more sustainably.

  • Our unique sensors are designed for digital farming and allow our users to get real-time insights from BBCH 12 stage (3rd true leaf appeal) with full stack of data (3d vegetation, soil, humidity, light, spectral) with 1mm accuracy.

  • Our smart spray system with dot injection reduces pesticides up to 95%


  • Mechanical weeder works as a human with 1mm accuracy and 2Ha/hour speed.  

  • AI powered systems include seeding and thinning of seedlings and therefore choose best plants to increase planting density up to 30% for arable crops and up to 90% for salads.

  • Full electric 30kg chassis allows us to work at open fields or greenhouses with 3Ha/hour speed and up to 23H per day.

  • We believe in the open innovation model. EcoRobi started piloting with growers of sugar beet, carrot, potato, and cabbage in 2020. If you're a grower, machinery producer or supplier of seeds, crop protection solutions, fertilizer, and you are interested in farming more sustainably, increasing yields and ready to cooperate with AgTech robotic startup. Let's make together demo field or laboratory research with your crops, equipment or inputs in the EU. Please do not hesitate to contact us.



 accurate 3D live scanning by robot 6 Ha/hour

vegetation with 1mm quality, humidity, soil, temperature and light

 real-time AI analysys

crop/weed and yield monitoring, disease and root detection


3д карта поляcloud based digital field map

with multiple layers of growing crops traction

точечное внесениеprecise injection

matrix sprayer with dot mode injections


 mechanical weeder

precise work with 1mm step


 yields estimate

with day-to-day monitoring from seeding to harvesting


 easy setup

with step by step guide


 fast charge 30 min or 5 min to swap

minimum waste


 multi-projection fusion LiDAR

deep 3D insights from and around greens

 full EV robot 30kg

with carrying 120kg, autopilot for open field and greenhouse


 multi channel network

internet connection is not required


 digital HUB

make all at the field smart



Alexander Kiryanov



Alex Kurasov